7/5/19,7/6/19 Special Ukulele Live by RIO at 19th anniversary event for Va Tout



(English below🔻)

🔸7/5(金) Sold Out

🔸7/6(土) のみSpecial Guest ✨✨✨DAICHI 渡辺 海智✨✨✨



▪️7/5(金)に関してはSold Outとしてますが、状況によってご用意出来る場合もあるそうです。



🇫🇷 http://brasserievatout.jp/


Bonne Anniversaire Va Tout!


I will be performing for the 19th anniversary party for Brasserie Va Tout 

The party will be from 7/3, but the performance is on 7/5 and 7/6. 

For 7/5, I will perform alone, but on 7/6 Ill have a special guest, Daichi Watanabe with me so Im looking forward to see you on both dates! 

Probably 7/5 is already full, so its 7/6 will still be available! 

I go there often to just have lunch or dinner, because all the plates are wonderful, so I recommend you to enjoy the meal too! 

See you all soon! 


🇫🇷 http://brasserievatout.jp/

Reservations ⚫︎03-3568-2080⚫︎